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Accessory Buildings

Architectural Guidelines for Accessory Buildings

General Considerations

Accessory Buildings must be located so as to minimize their impact on neighboring properties. The location should take advantage of screening provided by existing structures and the addition of new landscaping.  Buildings that are built in a visible location will require screening to effectively reduce the visual impact from neighboring properties.
The accessory building should be visually integrated with the existing house through the complementary use of materials, colors and details.
The construction must also abide by the construction codes of Lily Lake.  The location of the building must also meet the approval of the Kane County Health Department in relation to the septic field.
The plans will be reviewed by the HOA’s Architectural Review Committee and approved by them before any construction can start.
An approval letter from the ARC must then be given to Lily Lake in order to obtain a building permit.

Specific Guidelines
  • You are limited to one accessory building per lot.
  • Accessory buildings shall be located in the rear or side yard.  Location in the front is prohibited.
  • Each lot is unique and the placement of the building will vary from lot to lot.
  • Accessory buildings in a visible location will require screening to effectively reduce the visual impact from neighboring properties.
  • The accessory building cannot be built unless there is a fully constructed home on the property.
  • The Architectural Review Committee ultimately reserves the right to reject the approval of any accessory building for any reason and tell you where to place the structure.
  • Size is generally limited to a minimum of 120 sq. ft. and a maximum of 275 sq. ft.
  • No shed shall be located in whole or in part on or over an easement for drainage nor septic field
  • Any electric and water must be shown on the plan
  • Accessory buildings are to be used for storage of pool items, lawn tractors, garden implements, bicycles and other household commodities.  They are not to be used for any type of animals, including dogs and cats.
  • All utilities serving the building must be underground and shown on the plan.
Architectural Requirements
  • Exterior material must be cement board siding, natural cedar siding, natural cedar shingles, brick or stone that matches the home.
  • Exterior materials must match the colors of the home
  • Roof material must match the color, shape and style of the roof on the home
  • The maximum height of the structure is 15 feet
  • Minimum roof pitch is 8/12
  • Double or single doors are required.  No overhead garage doors are allowed.
Submission Requirements
  • A copy of the existing site plan showing the house.
  • Photographs showing the house and the exact location of the building.
Homeowner and Contractor Responsibilities
  • Call J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Underground Location for Inspectors and Engineers) at least 48 hours prior to digging on site to locate any underground utilities
    Electric Utilities            
    Comcast (Cable)        
    Northern Illinois Gas (NICOR)
    Sewer Utilities            
    Telephone Utilities      
    Water Utilities           
  • Please allow four weeks for formal review and approval.
  • The shed must be completed in 120 days, including all the landscaping.
  • There will be a $50.00 a day charge for any shed not completed on time.
  • Architectural Review Fee: $50.00 per review.