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New Construction

New home construction requires a formal and comprehensive submission package. Please review both Exhibit E (Architectural Guidelines) & Exhibit F (Covenants) before having architectural plans developed. Plans will not be reviewed until all documents & building samples are received. The review process may take up to 90 days.

NOTE: The HOA - Architectural Review Committee meets once a month.

Your submission package must include:
  • Two copies of blueprints (interior & exterior details required)
  • Two copies of a professionally drawn landscape plans
  • All building samples (roof, stone, brick, siding)
  • A $200.00 check to cover the Architectural Review Committee fee
  • A $2,000.00 Builder Deposit check. Details of this requirement may be viewed at:

  • Note:
  • The owner is required to notify the HOA when the construction is complete
  • Failure to notify the HOA of completion of the home will result in a $50.00 per day fine until the said notice is received

  • New construction Landscape Requirements:
  • A professional landscape plan is required prior to receiving an approval to build
  • The landscape plan must be in a format similar to the above sample images (hand drawn designs will not be accepted)
  • All parkway trees must be spaced no more than 40 feet apart
  • The recommended minimum tree size for new plantings is 2.5 inches
  • All new homes are required to be seeded or sodded within six months of taking possession of the property or within the first growing season
  • The cost of the plant material cannot be less than 2% of the estimated cost of the residence (excluding the lot cost). All values must be notated within the proposed plans. Sod, seeding nor grading are applicable to the not less than 2% requirement.

  • Note:
  • A penalty of $50.00 per day will be charged to the homeowner/builder if the landscape work is not completed within six months of taking possession of the property
  • All homes built post 1/1/2011 are required to submit a formal plan per the requirements defined above. Homes currently not meeting the not less than 2% of the estimated cost of the residence (excluding the lot cost) requirement will have six months days from date of notice to complete the landscape work