Sunset Views


Frequently Asked Questions

Are above ground & in ground pools allowed?
Only in ground pools are allowed.

Is there a formal process to get approval to build an in ground pool?
Yes. Architectural Review Committee approval is required prior to starting pool & spa construction. Please submit a detailed plan along with a check for the review. The review fee is $75.00 per review. Note: fence plan must be included with a pool plan.

Are fences allowed?
Fences are only allowed when they encompass a pool & must be installed in the immediate pool area. Fences are not permitted to be installed around the far perimeter of yard. Aluminum or steel fencing is required.  Neither wood nor plastic fencing is permitted.
For new homeowners & lot owners questioning the existing fence installed around one of the cul-de-sac homes: this fence was installed prior to the residents taking over the HOA.  The original neighborhood developer approved this prior to going bankrupt; therefore, this cannot be used as leverage nor justification to construct a fence without a pool.
Are there two HOAs for Sunset Views?
Yes, Sunset I (west side of neighborhood & Sunset II (east side of neighborhood)

What do I do if I need a copy of a paid assessment letter?
Please go to contact page & email the Treasurer to request a copy of a paid assessment letter. The fee is $150.00.

What are the rules regarding garbage cans, landscape waste and trash?
Refuse should not be put out prior to 7 p.m. the night before the scheduled pickup. Garbage cans and recycling bins need to be placed in garages during the week. With high winds possible, please take the steps necessary to eliminate trash blowing around the neighborhood.

Do not dump garbage and trash on empty lots, in the open space or ponds. This includes lumber, concrete, grass clippings and landscape waste. Grass clippings dumped into ponds causes an increase in algae. Also, do not throw trash into the dumpsters at job sites. The dumpsters are leased by the contractors and are expensive to have emptied. They are not public property.

What are the rules for antennas & satellite dishes?
Satellite dishes can be no larger than 20'' in diameter and must be approved by the HOA prior to installation. It must be installed on the back wall or roof of the house so it is not visible from the front street. Antennas must be installed in the attic of the home and not on the roof.

What are the rules for roadway trees?
The goal for our neighborhood is to have a uniform and visually pleasing landscape; therefore, the HOA requires every homeowner to have missing or dead roadway trees planted / replanted.

I plan to build a new home.  Do I need approval from the Sunset Views II Architectural Review Committee?
Yes. The Architectural Review Committee must review plans in order for the village to formally approve the new construction project & issue a permit.

Are hot tubs/spas allowed?
Yes, provided homeowners follow the 2015 International Building Code.

Are trampolines allowed?
Yes. Currently, there aren’t any Village ordinances nor HOA rules preventing this.

What type of swing sets are allowed?
Swing sets are allowed as long as they are constructed of wood.  Metal swing sets are not allowed.

Is there a fee for new home plan reviews?
Yes, there is a $200.00 review fee. 

Are landscaping plans required prior to taking possession of & moving into our new home?
Yes. Formal & detailed landscaping plans are required by the Architectural Review Committee. Please see the New Construction tab for details of the requirements.